The Top 8 Vintage Hairstyles to Consider for 2019

Hairstyles truly reflect the various generations and eras of the past. When you think of vintage hairstyles, you might think about bouncy curls, beautiful finger waves, detailed updos, or chic bobs. What you might not realize is that these hairstyles are trending again. People are increasingly interested in classic hairstyles because of their uniqueness and stylishness. Retro hairstyles from the 1920s through the 1950s still look great today. You can style your own hair like them to be charming or to simply pay tribute to a vintage hairstyle from a specific era.
UPDATE: By the way, here’s an ultimate guide to short hair styling you kept asking me about!

Below are the top 8 vintage hairstyles that you should consider having done in 2019.

# 1) 1920s Hairstyles

The 1920s was a decade which reflected lavish parties and wealth. Finger waves and flapper girls were just some of the trends back then. This decade had a glamorous style to it that was fun and interesting. If you ever have a wedding or party to attend next year, think about having a 1920s hairstyle done to attract attention.

# 2) Faux Bob

Are you a fan of “The Great Gatsby?” If so, then you will love the faux bob hairstyle. Since it is a faux, none of your hair will need to be cut off. You can enjoy this stylish 1920s bob hairstyle with just a couple of bobby pins and some elastic. It will give you the appearance of a short haircut that will be sure to impress anyone at an event or party.

# 3) Finger Wave Updo

You might appreciate a finger wave updo hairstyle if you like the characters of Downton Abbey. It is a challenging hairstyle to design but if you practice it enough, then you can make it happen. After you’ve gotten better at making this hairstyle, you will get it done faster in the future. Then you can use it for special occasions, such as weddings and birthdays.

# 4) Curly Updo

The curly updo is both charming and adorable in appearance. It might seem like a complicated hairstyle to design, but it is actually very easy. You can start by curling your hair first and then twisting it. Finish it off by pinning the twisted hair into buns. Then, you are done!

# 5) Vintage Pixie Cut

If you are a woman with short hair, you can design a beautiful vintage look for yourself. Just use the short strands of hair on your head and make a beautiful retro hairstyle out of them. If you have a pixie cut, use the finger wave technique from the 1920s to create the perfect vintage hairstyle. Include an attractive beret or clip to finish it off with.

# 6) 1930s Hairstyles

The Golden Age of Hollywood would have to be the 1930s. This is the decade when women had voluminous waves, rolled updos, and curls galore. You can really capture your femininity with styles like these.

# 7) Snow White Updo

If you look at the “Snow White” film from the 1930s, the character is shown as having short, curly hair. This differs from the illustration and drawings that came from the fairy tales, portraying Snow White as having long hair. Think about styling your hair like the ‘30s Snow White. You could even include a red ribbon on it too. This is perfect for attending events or any other formal gathering.

# 8) Golden Age Waves

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, women wanted to look feminine with their wavy and curly hairstyles. But they also wanted to have a bit of sex appeal too. These are called “glamour waves” in today’s society. To style your hair like this, just put curls in your hair first. Then lightly brush your hair to loosen the wavy locks.

How to Locate the Ideal Vintage Style

Vintage shopping is a bit of a secret in the fashion world. True fashion lovers understand the artistic and historical qualities of vintage clothing and accessories. Not only that, they know it is more than just a dressing style. It is a lifestyle choice with an entire industry devoted to it. However, the average person looks at vintage shopping and wrongly assumes it is merely for acquiring one-off clothing at discount prices. Although this might be true with some thrift stores, it is not true with all of them. There are some higher-end vintage outlets which truly have some amazing garments from the past.

There is not a clear consensus on the ideal vintage style. But all the insiders of the industry would at least agree that vintage is still relevant in the modern age. There are even luxurious and reputable fashion designers who look upon vintage shops and sources for direction in their own creations. For instance, a fashion designer will purchase a cut, print, and/or patterned item just to be inspired creatively when working on their next collections. Some people will have sentimental reasons for obtaining certain vintage fashion pieces while others just focus on their style. It could be the exclusiveness, excitement of discovery, classic craftsmanship, or authenticity which drives continued interest in vintage. Regardless, vintage continues to rise in popularity. There are no set rules to follow when looking for a suitable vintage shop.

Just to help you out, we have compiled a list of tips to enhance the experience of looking for awesome vintage shops.

Tip # 1) Understand the Difference Between a Thrift Store and Vintage Shop

People often use the words “vintage” and “thrift” interchangeably. But there is a difference between the items found in a vintage shop and the items found in a thrift store. Mainly, this difference has to do with age. For example, a vintage piece of clothing is often considered to be 25 years of age or older. The exact number of years which defines “vintage” is still debated, but it is around this age. As for the items in a thrift store, these don’t necessarily need to be older items. They can be any items that are used or preowned. Sometimes you might find a vintage item in a thrift store, but it won’t be advertised as such. It will just be buried in the pile of other items in the store, so you’ll have to accidentally come across it.

Also, vintage shops typically have employees who are knowledgeable about their items for sale. They can give you a whole set of details about a particular piece of clothing, such as its history, age, how they maintain it, and where they got it. You won’t find these kinds of employees in a thrift store. Those employees can only tell you where things are located in the store and how much they cost. That’s about it.

Tip # 2) Have Patience

Whether you’re in a vintage shop or thrift store, the items in them were not produced recently. The last time those items were mass produced, it was during a different era in history. If you find a particular piece of clothing that you like in one of these stores, you are probably not going to find a duplicate of it anywhere else. Everything from the colour to the style and size will be impossible to find elsewhere. That is why you should purchase an item if it appeals to you.

The shopping experience is not always convenient, though. You’ll be spending hours squeezing yourself in between narrow aisles and searching through endless racks of clothing items. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one signature piece of clothing that you’re desperately searching for. This takes a lot of time and patience, which not everyone has. Be prepared to maintain your patience if you’re serious about finding signature pieces.

Tip # 3) Ship on Weekdays

Most people shop on the weekends, even at thrift stores and vintage shops. For this reason, you’ll want to avoid shopping on the weekends so that you don’t need to tolerate the overcrowding and lack of inventory in the stores. However, on weekdays, it is the perfect time to shop because this is when store owners restock their shelves. There will also be fewer people shopping during the week as well. This makes it the ideal time to hunt for those signature items you’re looking for without the competition being there.

Try to visit the stores early in the morning. That is when the best items will be available to grab. If it is a peak period, store owners will fill their display windows with discounted items, new items, and noteworthy items. The visual appearance created here is meant to attract more customers during these special times. As a vintage item hunter, go into the stores during peak periods and start shopping from the back wall first. There will likely be fewer people there and hopefully, you’ll find some good items that haven’t been picked up yet.

Tip # 4) Build a Relationship

Become friendly with the store owners by introducing yourself to them. The owners might share their knowledge with you about vintage garments that they don’t share with everyone. Plus, if it looks like they’re enthusiastic about vintage items like these, then it is a sign they know what they’re talking about and that you can trust them. As you continue to be a regular customer and refer your friends to them, the owners may reward you generously someday. Perhaps they will hold certain vintage items exclusively for you to browse through before anyone else does.

Tip # 6) Have Cash Available

Vintage shops traditionally accept cash only. Many of them do not accept credit card or debit card payments. Fortunately, this has changed a lot over the last decade or so. However, you don’t want to risk losing out on a designer piece of clothing because you don’t have cash available to purchase it. So, be sure to make that trip to the ATM before going into a vintage shop.

Remember that vintage shops are not like big retail stores which have several of the same items. If you find one item in a vintage shop that you like, there is likely not going to be another one anywhere else. Plus, they are not going to hold it for you while you run out to the ATM and get cash. As a collector, you need to be ready to make a quick deal or else someone might come along and snatch that item.

Tip # 7) Be Wary of Imitations

If you’re paying premium prices for vintage brand name items, you’ll want to be sure they are authentic and not knock-offs. Look for certain signs to determine if you’ve come across a copy or not. First, touch the fabric and see how it feels. High-quality fabrics are only used with designer pieces. If it feels thin and skimpy, then it probably is authentic. Just to be sure, check the inside tags of the pieces and see if they give information about the material, care procedures, etc. Many imitations won’t include these tags. Also, if there are any logos and trademarks on the clothing, make sure they match the brand’s logos and trademarks precisely. Use your smartphone to research this information in real time.

The Greatest Thrift Stores in London Pt.2

6) East End Thrift Store

The East End Thrift Store strives to provide valuable vintage items at affordable prices. The owners of EETS have a knack for spotting trends and running with them. Imagine paying £15 for vintage denim shirts or £25 for vintage jackets. How about party frocks for a measly £10? Customers can learn about the latest discounts and sales by joining the store’s mailing list.

7. Annie’s Vintage Clothes

Annie’s Vintage Clothes is one of the oldest surviving vintage shops in London. For more than 40 years, it has serviced customers in Camden Passage of Islington. Annie’s Vintage Clothes is the premier storefront for lavish flapper dresses and lace bridal clothing from the 1920s. Rumour has it that Annie’s provided the costumes which were worn by the actors in the 1974 film The Great Gatsby and its 2013 remake. Other vintage accessories carried by the shop include hand fans, gloves, parasols, and hats. Although Annie’s is a tad more expensive than other vintage shops, they provide better deals on bridalwear than modern shops do.

8) Pennies Vintage

In 2011, Pennies Vintage was established in Islington, North London. This vintage shop is like Annie’s Vintage Clothes because their items predate the 1960s. Pennies Vintage offers classic wedding dresses, nightwear, and lots of rare collectables. It wasn’t too long ago that Downtown Abbey purchased a 1920s-dated wedding dress from Pennies Vintage. You should go to this shop for attractive gowns and wedding dresses. You’ll only have to pay about £200 or so.

9) Retromania

Retromania is a shop that’s operated by a charity called FARA. The Pimlico station and Victoria station are within walking distance of the shop. You will find a highly knowledgeable staff in Retromania, which sells fashion products priced anywhere between £15 and £200. If you’re interested in vintage magazines, vinyl, or other interesting memorabilia, you will find them in the shop. You’ll also find outlandish 1970s dresses, attractively embroidered shirts, and colourful extra-large sweaters.

10) Paper Dress Vintage

Paper Dress Vintage in East London has a little of everything that came between the 1900s and 1980s. The accessories, clothing, and shoe products are just the beginning of what you’ll find in the shop. There are also alterations available as well as unique and interesting services too. You can hire them for dance classes, burlesque or to be an event venue host and perform comedy. If you want to take time and relax during your shopping experience, you can sit down and get refreshments at the bar in the shop. Some of the prices include £30 for a 1960s striped dress and £25 for cool sunglasses.

The Greatest Thrift Stores in London Pt. 1

It is always a good feeling when you come across a real bargain at a second-hand store. For instance, you might find a rare garment that costs only a fraction of what it is truly worth. This is a great discovery that will make you very happy.

However, it is not so easy to find such items in a thrift store. There is a lot of time, effort, and patience that goes into searching for vintage clothes. You can’t just go to one thrift store and expect to hit the jackpot.

First, you need to make a list of the greatest thrift stores in the city of London. Then you should make it your mission to go to at least 10 of those thrift stores and search for the type of vintage clothing that you’re interested in.

To help you out with this list, below are the top 10 recommended thrift stores in London. This post will contain a first thrift store pentad, but soon we’ll publish more.

1) Beyond Retro

In East London, you will find Beyond Retro. When you first arrive there, you will immediately notice the rainbow-colored rails. This store has been around for 10 years and within that time, they’ve made a success out of their franchise. The target customer base includes teens to early 20s adults and even mature adults who like retro fashion. Many summer themed clothes are available for customers, including lots of Hawaiian shirts and various sleeveless shirts with different styles, colors, and shades to them. You might feel overwhelmed by all the different choices of colors and design patterns available. But don’t let this feeling cause you to just choose anything. Take some time and look through the choices carefully.

2) Absolute Vintage

Brick Lane often has a lot of shoppers. Even though Absolute Vintage is out of the way from these crowds, it is still able to attract several people. That is probably because it puts many of its items on display where everyone can clearly see them. In fact, there are so many goods and items at this thrift store that it can get tiring to search through them all. The good news is the starting price of clothes in this store is £5 and up. If you needed to purchase a special outfit for yourself, you could certainly do so for less than £100. Just be sure to check the quality of the clothes first.

For instance, the wear and tear of used shoes usually cause them to have faded colors and damaged soles. You will need to have patience when looking through these shoes to find ones in better condition. As for used boots, they typically have a much higher price tag of around £55. With the vast quantity of clothing pieces, it is more difficult to find a quality item. However, you’ll likely find some rare Chanel bags in the cabinet they have there.

3) Rokit

You will find two Rokit stores in Brick Lane and another in Camden. People love Rokit because it stocks a complete inventory of second-hand goods, including military gear, tutus, sunglasses, and even cowboy boots. Don’t expect to locate big label items in this store, but you might get lucky. Recently, Marimekko and Gunne Sax dresses were found in Rokit and they were purchased for a real bargain. Other types of clothing pieces in the store include hats, scarves, and belts.

4) Atika

In 2011, a vintage store named Blitz was founded. The name was later changed to Atika and it remains that name to this day. Atika is more than just your average vintage shop in London. It is an entire department store which has vintage goods available on multiple floors. The building was previously used as a furniture factory, which should give you an idea of how big it is. Before it was turned into a vintage department store, the building was renovated thoroughly and made to be more attractive than ever. You will find different types of goods on every floor of Atika. There are floors devoted to accessories, books, fashion clothing, furniture and more. The type of clothing you will find includes silk kimonos, brogues, seersucker blazers, and coloured denim. These are top quality clothing pieces which are clean and authentic.

5) Reign Vintage

In 2002, Reign Vintage first opened its doors to customers. It didn’t take long for the thrift store to gain popularity in the vintage fashion circle. They have a store in Oxford as well as London. In addition, they operate an e-commerce store which is updated all the time. People looking for second-hand goods don’t even need to leave their homes anymore. Most of the store’s inventory comes from European sources. You can find unique vintage clothing like kitsch dresses, sweatshirts with logos on them, Versace blazers, and Gucci loafers. As for the prices of these items, they are more than reasonable. You could purchase a nice vintage shirt for a starting price of £25.